U.S. Cotton Yarn Discussed at China Forum

U.S. Cotton Yarn Discussed at China Forum

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More than 300 participants from 136 companies attended the 2015 Imported Yarn and Greige Fabric Forum from June 11-12 in Hangzhou City, China.

The forum focused on the macroeconomic situation and new industry trends from import yarns and greige fabrics in recent business climates. Additional topics included: an analysis of import yarn from the United States, Vietnam, Pakistan, Indonesia, Uzbekistan and India; reserve cotton release information from the China National Cotton Reserve Corporation (CNCRC); and forthcoming cotton yarn futures.

Mike Tyndall, vice president of product development and implementation at Cotton Incorporated, delivered a presentation regarding the advantages of U.S. cotton yarn. His presentation showed participants how much the U.S. cotton industry values the quality of fiber, yarn and its downstream products.

Henry Xue of Frontier Spinning mill also gave a presentation at the conference, and he received inquiries from about 30 companies regarding the U.S.-made yarns business.