COTTON USA “I Love My Cotton” Campaign Roadshow Stops in China

COTTON USA “I Love My Cotton” Campaign Roadshow Stops in China

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The COTTON USA “I Love My Cotton” roadshow made its third campaign stop in China this week, interacting with consumers at Konglong Mogu, a popular cultural venue in Dalian, China. The roadshow is an initiative from Cotton Council International (CCI) to promote U.S. cotton and cotton-rich products in China and around the world. The event encouraged consumers to show their love of cotton through fashion and design.

COTTON USA provided the ideal canvas for consumers to express their individuality during the roadshow. The highlight of the event in Dalian was a cotton workshop themed “exploring cotton style,” led by avant-garde production designer Ms. Lou Xiaoyu. During the workshop, Ms. Lou showcased four cotton masks. Later, guests were invited to design and create cotton masks reflecting their own individual personalities. 

“Fashion represents the art of living and is concerned with both the natural and the practical,” Mr. Tangbangjiazhen, a renowned expert on aesthetics and design, said. “From our experience, clothes made of cotton can help people look and feel their best.”

Ms. Li Jingnan, a Dalian 99.1 radio presenter, added: “People who like to wear clothes made from cotton project an image of a positive attitude. They show great enthusiasm which, in turn, exerts a powerful influence on everybody around them.”

Thirty-six journalists from 31 media publications attended the COTTON USA roadshow, including Xinhua NewsChina NewsSinaTencentChina Textile LeaderThe BundTian Fu Zao Bao and Xin Nv Bao. CCI China and Northeast Asia Director Ms. Karin Malmstrom gave two in-depth interviews on CCI’s history, mission, the “I LOVE MY COTTON” campaign and COTTON USA in China. As of May 26, the campaign has generated 167 media reports. During the event, COTTON USA’s official Weibo received more than 904,969 views, while WeChat recorded 5,550 impressions and 11,950 followers.

The COTTON USA “I Love My Cotton” campaign launched worldwide in 2015. Arriving in Beijing in March, the roadshow’s debut China event attracted visitors by the thousands. The May 10 event in Lohas, Chongqing, attracted similar crowds. The next stop on the COTOTN USA tour is Hong Kong.