Brands Source U.S. Cotton Textiles and Garments at COTTON USA Fair in Istanbul

Istanbul Fair

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Nearly 150 top executives accelerated their normal sourcing process for U.S. cotton textiles and garments by attending the third COTTON USA Mediterranean Sourcing Fair, held in Istanbul from April 14-17. A record 1,277 personal meetings took place during the Sourcing Fair, matching buyers and sellers of yarn, fabric and garments. Participants included Turkish, European, and U.S. brands; Turkish, Egyptian, Moroccan and Tunisian garment manufacturers; and Turkish textile manufacturers.

Early results show evidence of extensive sampling, significant numbers of trial orders and plans for future sales and sourcing partnerships. Previous COTTON USA events generated tens of millions of dollars in new sales for Turkish companies. 

“I think the COTTON USA Sourcing Fair organized by Cotton Council International was extremely productive for Turkish and European buyers,” Dr. İbrahim Güneş, fabric sourcing manager for LC Waikiki, said. “In a time featuring economic challenges and orders moving away from the Far East, bringing together Turkish and European buyers with Turkish and North African fabric and garment manufacturers was very opportune and contributed to the continuum of the fabric and garment production in the region.”

The COTTON USA Sourcing Fair featured briefings on: (1) the World Cotton Market by Jon Devine, Senior Economist, Cotton Incorporated; (2) the Turkish Garment Manufacturing Sector by Seref Fayat, President, Turkish Clothing Manufacturers' Association (TGSD); and (3) the African cotton textile and garment sectors by Belinda Edmonds, Executive Director African Cotton Textile Industries Federation (ACTIF). Following market briefings in an intensive one-and-a-half-day period, buyers and sellers scheduled personal meetings to conduct business. 

The COTTON USA Supply Chain Marketing Program coordinates events tailored to highlight the benefits of the local textile industry, with the main focus on allowing buyers and suppliers to meet. CCI selects buyers on an invitation-only basis and vets suppliers in order to ensure that they meet COTTON USA qualifications. For more information, please visit For details on the COTTON USA program in Turkey, please visit