“POWER of COTTON” Project Launches in Japan

“POWER of COTTON” Project Launches in Japan

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COTTON USA partnered with an up-and-coming Japanese fashion designer, Kunihiko Morinaga, to develop innovative U.S. cotton workwear for traditional Japanese artisans as part of a “POWER of COTTON” project with VOGUE JAPAN.

Although there are numerous famous traditional craft techniques in Japan, the number of artisans has significantly decreased in the past 30 years. This COTTON USA project aims to use the “power of cotton” to stop the trend of dying Japanese traditions and renew the conventional image of artisans into a futuristic one.

With the cooperation of VOGUE JAPAN, COTTON USA selected Kunihiko Morinaga, the designer of the Japanese fashion brand ANREALAGE, for this project. Morinaga created U.S. cotton workwear for “Momentum Factory Orii,” a company that uses traditional techniques in an innovative way to process copper. 

The workwear’s printed pattern is designed to emulate copper stains at the studio and on the clothes of the artisan. When the pure white workwear is exposed to light, a vivid pattern appears (shown above). Fusing tradition and innovation, U.S. cotton satisfies both practical and fashionable aspects for this collection.

ANREALAGE, Kunihiko Morinaga’s fashion brand, will sell COTTON USA labeled products, including the innovative workwear, at pop-up stores in Japanese department stores. VOGUE JAPAN featured the "POWER of COTTON" in its April issue which hit newsstands on February 27.

Morinaga presented his first women's collection during Paris Fashion Week in 2014. His “ANREALAGE” brand is a combination of words of ''A REAL, UNREAL and AGE.”